Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Loudon is very much in the spirit of Christmas these days. He will go through the house with his sack looking for presents to give everyone. He gave me his dirty socks. Ummmm, thanks!

I have been absent for much of December is seems. I have been ill again. Bronchitis again with a nasty sinus infection. Both eyes and ears were infected, causing my eardrums to both rupture. My balance has been greatly affected and I look like a drunken sailor lurching about trying to get from point A to point B in the most haphazard method. I am relating to poor little Frisky quite well, and if my ears don't clear up soon everyone will start calling me Sidewinder II. My eyes were swollen shut with pink eye, leaving me almost totally blind. What a sight I must have been lurching about running into walls because I couldn't see them. Not able to read or listen to TV or music has made me a very cranky Grammy. All I could do was lie in bed and think about all the things that I needed to get done for Christmas. This has been such an unusual holiday season. I have been making my lists and unchecking them. I have not sent out Christmas cards this year--a first in 30 years! Holiday baking and candy making--uncheck. Gifts for family, friends, and service providers--uncheck. Hubby has been wonderful taking care of me. Driving me to the doctor, making sure anything I needed was there. Buying presents for the grandchildren--really the only ones that can't be forgotten.  Daughters have taken over the planning and cooking for the holidays. They will be coming over early Christmas morning to begin preparations for our feast. Everything else has been scaled back, and I am wondering if this isn't a good thing. I have always felt that family and friends were the most important thing--but I am getting that lesson first hand. It is so much easier to do for others, but infinitely harder to let everyone do EVERYTHING for you!

To add insult to injury. My computers were both hijacked two weeks ago. A quick trip to the 'puter doctor and hundreds of dollars later I am here to tell you--backup your photos! I lost everything on my laptop and that is where I kept most of my pictures. Thankfully, I have found most of them on two different websites that I use for photos. My son has promised to look at my computer and see if he can't recover them. I always meant to back them up--I knew I needed to, I just kept putting it off. I am here to tell you, don't wait if you haven't either--do it today!

Things are looking up! Even though I still can't hear, I can see again, and the room only spins occasionally now. I don't have to cook or clean up for Christmas, and Mom will be coming at noon on Christmas day to spend a good portion of the winter with us. I have three very attentive nursemaids. Bo must be forced to leave my side to go potty and eat. Although the cats, Tucker and Keifer aren't quite that faithful. at least one and often both are either draped across my feet or stretched lengthwise down my body keeping me warm and cozy.

I do hope that this Christmas finds you with the time to reflect on all the blessings in your life, and that you, as I, find your cup overflowing.

Merry Christmas!
Jenny AKA Morning Glories in Round Rock

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

Sorry I have been so quiet lately. I have been sick for over a month. First with a virus, then bronchitis, and last but not least, pneumonia. I think I am finally on the road to recovery, but do think my gardening is over until next year. I left the garden in quite a mess, with lots of projects half started. I am sure it will all be there waiting for me when I am ready to get back out again.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Monday, September 27, 2010

There’s A Fungus Among Us

Since the heavy rainfalls we got with Tropical Storm Hermine, we have had muggy weather with fungi popping up everywhere.

End of September 2010 015

This fungus was on the Granddaddy Live Oak that is host to many life forms

End of September 2010 019

And these are growing like dandelions in the grass.

End of September 2010 020

I often say, our summers are like winter is to those living further north.

End of September 2010 028

I often feel I am hibernating all summer waiting for cooler weather to come alive and go outside again.

End of September 2010 032

I think Mother Nature is of the same mind.

End of September 2010 034

Not only are Toadstools popping out…

End of September 2010 018

The Redbuds are blooming.

Loudon's 3rd Birthday 002

As are the Crabapple trees! Is it Spring already? Did I sleep all winter, to awaken in Spring? I shudder to think that is so! That would mean having to survive another summer without the restorative nature of Fall and Winter. I think we have confused trees.

Loudon's 3rd Birthday 008

We had our first cool front of the season blow in this weekend Sunday. But first we celebrated Loudon’s third birthday a little early.

Loudon's 3rd Birthday 028

His momma was afraid she would not be able to juggle having a baby and giving Loudon the birthday celebration he deserved, so the party came early this year.

Loudon's 3rd Birthday 030

Loudon didn’t care. It’s all about the cake and piñata when you are 3.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Disturbance In The Force

photo[1] (16) 

…a tropical disturbance, that is. Tropical Storm Hermine is dumping several inches of rain on us right now. Loudon is taking advantage of the rain, soaking up as much as he can, just like all the plants. Remember catching raindrops in your mouth? It must be instinctive, because no one had to tell him about it. I think I will go join in his dance. :-)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Break In The Weather

This week has been unbearably hot in the garden. Temperatures have hovered around 107. It has given me a headache and made me cranky.

Late August 2010 001 


Even though, I found a mailbox to store my hand tools in. It came complete with real fake flowers, which I promptly took out. It began life in a school as a Suggestion Box. It still had letters to the teacher in it: Mrs. Ledbetter*, I love you. Mrs. Ledbetter, you have beautiful hair. Mrs. Ledbetter, you are my favorite teacher. Mrs. Ledbetter, I don’t want to go to first grade because I will miss you too much. Charley was quite upset that Mrs. Ledbetter did not keep her love letters.

*Mrs. Ledbetter’s name has been changed to protect her privacy.


Late August 2010 006


What would I do without Zinnias? They are just about all that is surviving the heat!

Late August 2010 008

The Garlic Chives are bursting from their papery buds. Mid week saw a slight change in our weather pattern. High temps have been 98-97, with very pleasant early mornings and late evenings. It’s funny how subjective heat is. A few months ago, I would be sweltering at 98 degrees, but after days and days of triple digit temperatures, suddenly 98 seems almost a breath of fresh air! Sadly, we didn’t get any of the scattered showers the weatherman was promising, but other parts of Austin did.


Late August 2010 010

The Morning Glories are stretching their blossomed heads to heaven.

Late August 2010 011

Now that the temperatures have cooled slightly, I am seeing all that is growing and blooming in my garden.

Late August 2010 014

The birds have almost stripped all the juicy berries of the Poke Salat.

Late August 2010 025

The roses don’t seem to mind the heat.

Late August 2010 027

But the Morning Glory leaves are looking fairly leathery and bleached out.

Late August 2010 029

This morning as I gardened—yes, actually gardened, I looked up and saw the moon hanging onto it’s spot in the day-time sky.

Late August 2010 032

Eutin is still putting out blooms.

Late August 2010 033

As are the Four O'clocks.


Late August 2010 041

The cats and I are enjoying watching the birds from our cool spot in the family room. Even thought the weather seems cooler at 98 degrees, it’s still too hot mid-day to be out for very long. I am enjoying reading some of your blogs telling me that the feel of Fall is in the air. It may be another month for us, but it gives me hope that cooler weather is coming.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Finding Their Wings


Three years ago, my daughter came with her two precious girls to live with us. She was broken in spirit and body. I can’t in all honesty say these past three years have been easy. The girls all have been suffering from various degrees of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, as well as other problems. But, I would not have traded this time for anything in this world.

August 2010 017

I have watched my daughter struggle to heal and find herself once more. I am so proud of her patience and protectiveness she shows for her daughters. She has gone from cleaning buildings to survive, to getting her teacher’s certificate and special training in teaching children with Autism.


August 2010 009

I have watched as she paid off bad debts that she did not incur. I have watched with pride as she has fought to get her girls the kind of help that they needed—and continue to need.


 August 2010 012

Now I am watching as all three fly the nest to be on their own. As a parent, one of the greatest gifts we can give our children, is that of independence. Watching them fly strong and sure is our greatest joy…


August 2010 002

I won’t let them see my tears as they move in their own direction. I won’t complain about the quiet house, or how neat and clean it will stay now. I want them to fly without a backward glance to make them falter.

August 2010 016

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Charley’s Note From Camp

July 22, 2010 001

 Dear Grammy,

July 22, 2010 004

Can you plees feed Bubbles 8 pellets EACH DAY?

July 22, 2010 007

He needs to be fed today. Also, make sure to give Special K some extra love.

July 22, 2010 010




July 22, 2010 012

p.s. Frisky is Special K

p.s.s. Make sure to spend lots of time with Scratcher

p.s.s.s. Love you!

July 22, 2010 018

p.s.s.s.s. Popuh, don’t sing the ‘Little Fishes’ without me.

p.s.s.s.s.s. SQUIRRELS!

p.s.s.s.s.s.s. Bye!

July 22, 2010 021


As you can see, Charley loves to use exclamation points as much as I do! This is her first time away at camp so we are anxious to find out how she has done. What ten year old girl doesn’t love horses—especially a little “Tom-boy” like Charley. We haven’t gotten to talk to her all week, and can’t wait for her to come home so that we can learn how she is, and if she liked camp. 

p.s. In case you didn’t figure it out, Bubbles is Charley’s pet fish.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Where The Buffalo Roam



vacation 2010 004

No, not the real thing. But, if you squinch your eyes…

vacation 2010 005

and ignore the reminders of modern day…

vacation 2010 003

You can almost feel like you have been transported back to the days when the prairies were alive and well, and the buffalo did roam where ever they wanted. 


vacation 2010 002

And Native Americans lived in harmony with nature.


vacation 2010 001

These metal sculptures were found at a rest stop in the southern edge of Iowa just before we passed into Missouri.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Taste and Smell of Summer

 The summer is flying by. We are just getting back from our annual two week trek up to the north country. The week before that, we were busy with VBS. As soon as it was over, we packed our bags. Tucker and Kiefer tried to stow away in our bags, while Bo looked on with his face getting longer and longer. He was so morose by the time we left, we always get a case of the guilts for leaving him. Charley promised to let him sleep with her while we were gone.

June 2010 004

We had a lovely time. First at the family reunion in Branson, Missouri, and then on to my mother’s in Illinois. We ate, and played. Shopped and antiqued, and lost track of time. We took our time going home, antiquing all the way home. We stayed at our favorite B&B in Kansas City and visited all our favorite antique shops and found some new ones. But, it’s good to be home. I missed our fur-babies and grand-kids terribly, not to mention the garden. By the time we got back from vacation, the daylilies were done. The garden looks like a jungle, and the temperature is nearing triple digits—so it will have to stay a jungle awhile longer.

lemonade stand 2010 004

Now the girls are getting ready for their camps. Charley to horseback riding camp with her best friend Sam. Libby with her best friend Becca to a beautiful camp in the mountains.

Summer is in full-swing. Lemonade stands and watermelon feasts. Pesto making parties and ice cream socials. Early morning gardening and Saturday afternoons is a cool dark movie theatre. What are you doing to celebrate the summer?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Sights and Sounds of Summer

lemonade stand 2010 001

Not only did Charley and her friend Sam make over twenty dollars at their lemonade stand, I had to make an emergency run to the store to replenish their supplies. They had people waiting for a cold glass of lemonade!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Time Keeps On Slippin Into The Future

End of May 2010 006


Thankfully, I took these photos last weekend while the lilies were still at their best. I just love the way the pollen is sprinkled so liberally like gold powder on the white petals, even though my allergies aren’t quite so thrilled.

 End of May 2010 004

I have been so wrapped up in trying to save a fledging blue jay, I haven’t given a thought to taking pictures or blogging.

End of May 2010 008

In spite  of the advise from the wonderful volunteers at the Williamson County Wildlife Rehabilitators, our efforts were fruitless, and Jay died Thursday. Hubby was very helpful, and buried him for me. Sometimes it seems as though it is a miracle that any birds make it to adulthood with all the dangers and predators they must be wary of.

End of May 2010 009

Charley was especially upset when she came home from school Thursday and found out the sad news. She would check on his condition before getting a snack, which gives an indication how serious she was taking his care. She, also was the one who named the bird Jay.

End of May 2010 010

Can anyone identify this flower? It looks as though it could have been in a Dr. Seuss drawing. That’s the problem with buying a flower mix—you never know what you are going to get! I’ve gone through all the listed flowers, but this doesn’t match any of the ones listed.

End of May 2010 011 

I have begun preparations for Memorial Day. The house is promising to be full of family and friends, which is just the way I like it. I have decided on a very traditional cook-out to kick off the beginning of Summer. We have a number of vegetarians as well as meat-eaters, so I will have lots of salads and side dishes for those that can’t eat hot dogs and hamburgers. We will be celebrating Hubby’s birthday that will actually be NEXT Sunday. So, I am planning a special cake with lemon curd , cream cheese, and fresh blueberries, as well as homemade ice cream for the little ones.

End of May 2010 012

When I was young, we would have picnics Memorial Day and the 4th of July at the Rock Island Arsenal where my grandfather worked . I loved watching the peacocks that strutted all over the island and climbing on the cannons that were on display from the Civil War. We also walked through all the graves at the cemetery reading the names and dates of those that died for their country. The day would always end with a fireworks display.

End of May 2010 013


Speaking of little ones, I don’t think I have told you that we are expecting another grandchild in October. Little Loudon is going to be a big brother! He is not quite sure he is happy about this change of events, and I am sure he will be less so when his little brother comes. He is due on Loudon’s birthday, and it will be quite exciting for all of us (except possibly Loudon).

I hope that whatever your plans are, you have a wonderful day, and you find yourself safe and happy, filled with good food and fellowship.