Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fried Green Tomatoes

...on the vine!

And now you know why growing tomatoes in Central Texas is so hard!

My best growing season for tomatoes is the fall. We usually have fresh tomatoes for Thanksgiving, and sometimes Christmas.

Alright all you flower detectives,
this came from a mix. I am thinking it is Mexican Hat. What do you think?


Now, I know what this is--a Sunflower on a bad hair day!

Ahhhh, just looking at this color makes me feel cooler.

And this is hot hot pink!

It has been SO hot here--okay, here is where YOU say, "How hot is it?" It's so hot the tomatoes are frying on the vine. It is so hot temps have been 103, 105, 107. I think the Weather Dude gets perverse pleasure telling us the heat index is 117. At these temps, it becomes a matter of which plants do I try to save. But yet, some plants seem to do quite well. The cacti, of course, the zinnias, the lantana. Even so, I hate to leave my gardens here as we take our annual trip north to see my family. We will be leaving Friday to make a family reunion near Branson, Missouri for the 4th of July (also our anniversary). We will then trek on up to the Quad Cities where my mother lives. We will spend most of July there. Mom, my sister, and I spend our days shopping (mostly looking), eating, getting mannies and peddies, and what ever else we can think of. I am hoping to help Mom with her weed issue that is getting her down. Hubby spends his days golfing, and we all meet to eat once again. Of course, we will be antiqueing all the way up there, all around the area, and then all the way back home! Hopefully the weather will be nice enough for some picnics. I know my brother will want to do a fish fry (I don't eat fish, but I will eat corn on the cob, potato salad, and baked beans). He has a cabin on the Wapsi in Iowa, and always has his freezers stocked with fish. We usually catch a few Music In The Park nights (which means pie and ice cream with coffee). We always have a grand time although I usually come home with more than I bargained for--several extra pounds. Sigh, no matter were I go, those nasty pounds always seem to find ME!

We look forward to getting away all year. It is usually much cooler there than here, and is almost painful to come back to the heat. By the time we get back, the roadsides are burned and bleached to a sand color by the sun. Even so, I already miss my home. The pups and cats start mourning our leaving when the suitcases come out, and Tucker usually tries to hide in one hoping to make his escape along with us. I will miss the next bloom cycle of the roses. The tomatoes will be done until September. Will the house sitters remember to feed the birds and make sure they have plenty of fresh water? I know they probably will, but I just can't think they will do it as well or as often as I would.

I probably won't be able to post while away. I will have Internet connection while at hotels, but when we get to my mother's there will be no wireless connection. Unless I find a coffee shop that will let me connect for free, I won't be able to visit all of you. I'm going to miss you! See y'all next month, and happy 4Th!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Odds and Ends and Happy Blog-iversary

It doesn't seem possible that it could be a year since I started posting, but it is! So much has happened during this year. I was reminded of the Skunk Incident yesterday (http://round-rock-morning-glories.blogspot.com/2008/08/dogs-skunks-nothing-good.html ). The dogs and I were outside and we all smelled a skunk at the same time. We lifted our noses and sniffed. We turned and looked at one another as if to say, "Oh no! Not again!"

Remember my picture of the cactus lobe developing a couple of weeks ago? This is that same lobe! Look at the little baby needles. They look like rubber nibs, but soon they will be lethal needles.
The heat has settled in to stay. Most of the blooms have faded for awhile, but the cosmos doesn't seem to be fazed one bit.

"Alright men, huddle round. If we band together, we can take out every squash, melon, and tomato plant in this garden--maybe the world! Wa-ha-ha-ha (my version of an evil laugh)" I have never seen squash bugs congregated together like this. Needless to say, they were killed in action soon after this picture was taken. Nobody touches my tomatoes and lives...unless it is the Tomato Thief that I posted about last year http://round-rock-morning-glories.blogspot.com/2008/06/wanted-tomato-thief.html .

I am sure some of you can relate, but there have been many times this past year when I have felt I just did not have the time to devote to a blog. I have contemplated closing it down because of the time I devote to it. But, I have made so many friends that I never would have had the pleasure to have met had I not begun posting last June. I do feel that we are friends just as surely as if we had met somewhere. I think about Beckie every time I see a dragonfly. I think about Monica every time I hear a frog! ;-) I can hear her now trying to analyze that one! I think about Cheryl every time I see a bee or an insect that I can't identify. I think about Shy Songbird , or Marnie from Lilacs and Roses when I see a bird I am not sure of. I think of Debbie in CA and Cielo when I see something beautiful that makes me stop and appreciate it. I think of Wendy for thoughtful introspection, and I think of Nola every time I smell the 4 O'clock she sent the seeds of last fall. The list goes on and on! I feel like my life is better for having known you and that keeps me blogging even when life gets so hectic it takes me away from my computer for days. Forgive me if I am not always timely in reading or leaving comments on your blogs. Forgive me if I didn't list your name. You can see all the many people that I follow on my blog roll. That's a lot!!! Thank you for being a part of my life, and here's hoping we will all be blogging and getting to know one another even better in the years to come!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Block Party, Blooms, and Hail Storms

We had a neighborhood block party to celebrate the end of school, the beginning of summer, and well, just having an excuse to drag out the grills, block off the cul-de-sac and eat, laugh, and play.

Can you see Frisky's tail and paw? He's always trying to get in the picture. What a ham!

I can't remember if this Daylily is Stella de Oro. I love the lemony yellow color.

Can you see the interesting little red and black insect on the Chamomile?

I love the cool blue green of sage.

The front walkway was littered with leaves and small branches the morning after a hail storm slammed through. It was moving so fast, I thought it was going to go right over us. Boy, was I wrong! Thankfully we didn't have any major damage, but will have to have the cars repaired for hail damage.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Summer Comes

Summer Comes
The Little darling Spring has run away
The sunshine grew too hot for her to stay
She kissed her sister, Summer,and she said
"When I am gone, you must be queen instead"
Now reigns the Lady Summer,
round whose feet
A thousand fairies flock
with blossoms sweet.
by Robert Louis Stevenson

Heavenly Blue Morning Glories lives up to it's name.

Lavender "Provence"




Baby Cactus being born

Marigold and friend


I bought this Blue Agave at a Yard Sale this Spring
(7 for $5.00!!!)


The first of the tomatoes!

My first ever really good Bee pic!

Crepe Myrtle