Saturday, May 29, 2010

Time Keeps On Slippin Into The Future

End of May 2010 006


Thankfully, I took these photos last weekend while the lilies were still at their best. I just love the way the pollen is sprinkled so liberally like gold powder on the white petals, even though my allergies aren’t quite so thrilled.

 End of May 2010 004

I have been so wrapped up in trying to save a fledging blue jay, I haven’t given a thought to taking pictures or blogging.

End of May 2010 008

In spite  of the advise from the wonderful volunteers at the Williamson County Wildlife Rehabilitators, our efforts were fruitless, and Jay died Thursday. Hubby was very helpful, and buried him for me. Sometimes it seems as though it is a miracle that any birds make it to adulthood with all the dangers and predators they must be wary of.

End of May 2010 009

Charley was especially upset when she came home from school Thursday and found out the sad news. She would check on his condition before getting a snack, which gives an indication how serious she was taking his care. She, also was the one who named the bird Jay.

End of May 2010 010

Can anyone identify this flower? It looks as though it could have been in a Dr. Seuss drawing. That’s the problem with buying a flower mix—you never know what you are going to get! I’ve gone through all the listed flowers, but this doesn’t match any of the ones listed.

End of May 2010 011 

I have begun preparations for Memorial Day. The house is promising to be full of family and friends, which is just the way I like it. I have decided on a very traditional cook-out to kick off the beginning of Summer. We have a number of vegetarians as well as meat-eaters, so I will have lots of salads and side dishes for those that can’t eat hot dogs and hamburgers. We will be celebrating Hubby’s birthday that will actually be NEXT Sunday. So, I am planning a special cake with lemon curd , cream cheese, and fresh blueberries, as well as homemade ice cream for the little ones.

End of May 2010 012

When I was young, we would have picnics Memorial Day and the 4th of July at the Rock Island Arsenal where my grandfather worked . I loved watching the peacocks that strutted all over the island and climbing on the cannons that were on display from the Civil War. We also walked through all the graves at the cemetery reading the names and dates of those that died for their country. The day would always end with a fireworks display.

End of May 2010 013


Speaking of little ones, I don’t think I have told you that we are expecting another grandchild in October. Little Loudon is going to be a big brother! He is not quite sure he is happy about this change of events, and I am sure he will be less so when his little brother comes. He is due on Loudon’s birthday, and it will be quite exciting for all of us (except possibly Loudon).

I hope that whatever your plans are, you have a wonderful day, and you find yourself safe and happy, filled with good food and fellowship.


Corner Gardener Sue said...

I enjoyed your post. I love that cursive! That is a cool flower. I'm thinking I've seen it, but I don't know what it is. It almost reminds me of an agastache of some kind. I hope someone knows what it is.

Thanks for your nice comment about Heidi. Everything is her business, and she probably does feel she needs to keep us and her property safe from all critters and people. She can sense when people are OK, and will get as much attention from them as possible.

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

It is possible the bloom may be agastache foeniculum, but I am not sure--that is the closest thing I have found so far.

Dogs are so smart. I think they can sense things about people that we cannot. Heidi is such a pretty girl, and I can tell she loves being out in the garden with you.

Cheryl said...

LIfe is did your very best for the fledgling. You made his passing that much sweeter.......

The mystery bloom is very pretty and surely belongs in a fairy garden.

Congratulation....another much to look forward to. Grandchildren are just the best.....

Enjoy your time with your family.... you cater for vegetarians, you are en excellent hostess. I speak as a vegetarian.

Happy Sunday.......

Marie said...

So sorry to hear you lost "Jay". A valiant effort.

Your Memorial Day plans sound wonderful. It's a day filled with wonderful childhood memories of family, military ceremonies, hot dogs and picnics. I'm sure you are making those magic memories for Charley and Louden.

Rose said...

I'm so sorry you lost your bluejay after trying so hard to save it. I've often thought the same thing that it is amazing how wildlife survives at all with all the dangers they face.

Your Memorial Day celebration sounds wonderful, Jenny, and an early happy Birthday to your hubby! We have something in common--he picked a very good day to have a birthday:) And congratulations on your grandchild-to-be; such exciting news!

The flower looks very familiar, not one I've grown, but I've seen it somewhere before. If I remember its name, I'll let you know.

Cindy, MCOK said...

MG, your unidentified flower looks like Monarda citriodora to me, aka Lemon Mint or Horsemint. It's a Texas native and reseeds easily.

Great news for everyone, even Loudon. Eventually he'll enjoy having a sibling. Eventually.

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

I hear you about time. The more time I spend outside, the less time I spend on my computer!

Roses and Lilacs said...

I'm really sorry the little blue jay didn't survive. I agree, it is a hard and dangerous life for birds.

Congratulations on the new grand child.

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

Thank you, Cheryl for saying so about the little jay. Sometimes it is hard to know what to do, or even if you should. I certainly didn't want to do more harm to him, but I couldn't just leave him to the elements.

Cindy from My Corner of Katy has correctly identified my mystery flower as Horse Mint. I have more popping up daily and the butterflies and hummers just love it.

It's really not hard to cater to vegetarians. I certainly can't let anyone go hungry! That is against the "Mom Rules". ;-)

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

Thanks Marie! It was so hard to watch poor little Jay, but we had to try to save him. Charley was counting on me!

We did have a nice day yesterday, the the Grands seemed to love their homemade ice cream. It always tastes better when you eat it outside when it is HOT!

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

Dear Rose,

Happy Birthday to you too! June is a busy month for us with birthdays and anniversaries galore.

Cindy from MCOK has identified the mystery plant as Horse Mint. The bees, butterflies, and hummers all love it--it is a welcome addition to the garden.

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...


Thanks for the I.D. I knew someone would know. So far, I am loving it. The butterflies and hummers are loving it, and it is popping up in all the beds I had planted with seeds from the Wildseed Farm last Fall. It is listed as Lemon Mint.

Thanks, we are excited. The girl's are excited to have a new cousin, but Loudon is just too young to really understand. I hope he will take on his role of big brother easily.

ShySongbird said...

Dear Jenny, how sad to hear of the little fledgeling but you did your very best. I am always struck, in those circumstances, by the effort put in by the parents and indeed the little one itself to even get to the fledged stage, it seems such a shame when its little life then ends before it has really started...Nature though full of beauty can also be very harsh...

On a much happier note, how lovely to hear the news of the expected new baby, many congratulations to you all. I'm sure Loudon will be a very protective big brother...when he gets used to the idea!! :)

I do hope the Memorial Day meal went well and Hubby's birthday cake sounds delicious.

Lovely photos too, especially the lilies.

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

Dear Shy Songbird,

You have expressed so well the emotions that I have felt. It seemed so needless for the beautiful little jay to die. This world can indeed be a very harsh place. I sometimes have trouble looking at the good, and not letting the negative overwhelm me.

Our Memorial Day was very nice. The cake was a success--there was none left (thankfully, no leftovers to eat).

Thanks for your kind words for my photos. I was proud of the close up of the lily. With my little camera, I have problems taking macro shots.

We are all looking forward to this new little addition to our family. One more stocking to hang for Santa this Christmas! ;-)

Lancashire rose said...

Sorry about your baby bird, although the jays are not very welcome here. For 3 years in a row they have taken the cardinal nestlings from the nest. One year it was the mourning doves. You can see why we don't like them. The flower is horsemint- This year was an incredibly profuse flowering. We have never seen them in our garden before but had a filed of them in one spot. The purple ones are really attractive enough to grow in the garden. I have tried to grow bee balm- which is related but only one year out of 8 did they bloom. Rather like the horsemint. Your lily is beautiful. Such perfection.

Nola @ the Alamo said...

That IS an odd looking flower! You have some beautiful blooms this year. My morning glories are beginning to bloom, hope I can get some photos posted of them soon.

Annie in Austin said...

Sorry to be late Morning Glories! Horsemint came to mind as I read -glad Cindy & Rock Rose gave you the answer.

The cursive looks pretty, but I've spent too many weeks peering at the handwriting on old census pages, marriage & death certificates to appreciate it right now...old eyes crave plain print, LOL

Your Memorial Day sounds as if it was very special and congrats on the expected autumn addition to the family.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose