Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Weather Outside Is Frightful

Since I have nothing to post except expanses of dead plants, I have been looking back on old pictures. This one of a rare snow caught my fancy. I love to watch movies set in winter during the summer. It soothes my soul like eating a bowl of ice cream cools me. Doing both at the same time is even better! ;-)

Tuesday we were greeted by cooler weather. No rain, but lots of wind, which has been disastrous for the fire fighting efforts that have been going on for so long now. The last I heard, over 1200 homes have been destroyed, along with countless thousands of acres.  We are actively helping gather and distribute food and supplies to those who are homeless now. My heart goes out to them and all the brave fire fighters and emergency workers. They have all been without adequate sleep for so long. We keep asking ourselves how long can this go on, but the fires refuse to be satisfied, consuming everything in it's path. Whole towns are being destroyed. They are telling us this is the worst drought since 1854. Water restrictions are mandatory now, and with no rain in sight, we are all wondering how much longer we can go with the lake levels so low. Everyone is praying for rain. It is hard to understand the "why" of things sometimes. But I do know that the land and all of the wild things are crying out for rain. I would like to ask, if you care to, that you join us in lifting up prayers to God to send us rain to quench the fires and refresh us.