Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Exciting times in Round Rock! Yesterday we received between 2 and 3 inches of snow.

It started off as sleet, which woke me, pelting my bedroom window.

It turned to big fat flakes that looked like little snowballs falling from the sky. Then, it would stop, and snow a fine dry snow. It alternated all throughout the day. I would have loved to have spent the day curled up with a book and a mug of tea in front of the fire. But I spent much of the morning taking granddaughters to school, picking Charley up early with an upset tummy, and then picking up Libby when they made the decision to close the schools early because of the weather.
It hovered above freezing for much of the day, so as soon as it hit the pavement, it would melt. The girls were still able to make a very nice sized snowman. Yes, I let Charley go out to play in the snow even though she had a tummy ache. When you only get a snow once every few years, you must make allowances!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Where To begin?

I have not posted in so long, and so much has happened it is hard to start, and it seemed the longer I wait, the harder it becomes.

My mother was able to come for the holidays, but the time flew by, and it seemed she just got here, and it was time for her to go back home. I was very pleased with how well she looked, and even though she was still gaining strength, she did remarkably well.

We were blessed with many good times during the past couple of months, but heartache as well. It seems life can be such a roller coaster ride. We were rejoicing with my nephew and his wife over the news that they were having a little boy to join their family in early March. But sadly, he came too early, right at Christmas, and did not survive more than 30 minutes on this earth. Although we know there is a new star shining brightly in heaven, we were saddened that we never got the chance to know him here on earth.

Hubby's aunt fell and broke her hip this past Fall, and underwent surgery right at Thanksgiving. She never truly woke up from her surgery, and passed away quietly and peacefully right after the new year began.

We celebrated Charley's 10th birthday in fine style. She had a few friends over for games and cake and ice cream and presents, of course. It was a bittersweet time (for me). She has shot up this past year, bypassing one whole dress size completely. She is maturing so rapidly, and not only looking, but acting like a preteen. She had braces put on her teeth. Where does the time go? We are so busy attending to the day to day routines, we forget to stop and look at these children growing up right before our eyes.

Loudon has become my little garden buddy. Although his contribution seems to be whacking everything with a stick, I am hopeful he will learn a little more finesse with plants as he matures. With all the rain we have had, he has been wearing his froggy boots a lot. I sure wish I had some as cute as his!

We have had such a cold, wet winter, the daffs are just peaking out from their beds. I am afraid the cold temperatures have taken my gardenias out.

My son made me a beautiful planter for Christmas. This is some of the work he does. I think they have done a lot of pieces for the Capitol and businesses downtown. You can see some of their work at: One of the shots is of him hard at work. He seems to be enjoying what he does so much. I think he loves that he is doing more creative work. Go by and check it out. I've already got a wish list a mile long composed. Let's see...there's trellises, arbors, benches, more planters, a pond...