Monday, September 27, 2010

There’s A Fungus Among Us

Since the heavy rainfalls we got with Tropical Storm Hermine, we have had muggy weather with fungi popping up everywhere.

End of September 2010 015

This fungus was on the Granddaddy Live Oak that is host to many life forms

End of September 2010 019

And these are growing like dandelions in the grass.

End of September 2010 020

I often say, our summers are like winter is to those living further north.

End of September 2010 028

I often feel I am hibernating all summer waiting for cooler weather to come alive and go outside again.

End of September 2010 032

I think Mother Nature is of the same mind.

End of September 2010 034

Not only are Toadstools popping out…

End of September 2010 018

The Redbuds are blooming.

Loudon's 3rd Birthday 002

As are the Crabapple trees! Is it Spring already? Did I sleep all winter, to awaken in Spring? I shudder to think that is so! That would mean having to survive another summer without the restorative nature of Fall and Winter. I think we have confused trees.

Loudon's 3rd Birthday 008

We had our first cool front of the season blow in this weekend Sunday. But first we celebrated Loudon’s third birthday a little early.

Loudon's 3rd Birthday 028

His momma was afraid she would not be able to juggle having a baby and giving Loudon the birthday celebration he deserved, so the party came early this year.

Loudon's 3rd Birthday 030

Loudon didn’t care. It’s all about the cake and piñata when you are 3.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Disturbance In The Force

photo[1] (16) 

…a tropical disturbance, that is. Tropical Storm Hermine is dumping several inches of rain on us right now. Loudon is taking advantage of the rain, soaking up as much as he can, just like all the plants. Remember catching raindrops in your mouth? It must be instinctive, because no one had to tell him about it. I think I will go join in his dance. :-)