Sunday, December 28, 2008

Pictures From Home

Celebrating Christmas

Santa came!

mysterious packages wrapped in quilt-like patterns

gingerbread houses constructed, and eaten bit by bit...

treasures to be opened and tried out...

Oh, you better not pout, Santa Claus is coming to town. In case you can't read Loudon's shirt, it says: What Santa doesn't bring me, Grandma will.

This years recipient of the dreaded Christmas Chipmunk!

The job of unwrapping begins in earnest

It fits, and keeps my ears warm!

Keeping everyone on track is Bo's hardest job

which to open next?

Holidays can be so exhausting--the trick is to know when to stop for a rest, and whose lap to curl up on...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas From The Whole Gang


Frisky and an "unknome" friend

Scratcher, um, scratching

Chrissy in her Holiday finery

Bocephus The Wonder dog contemplating the meaning of Christmas,

...and Kiefer
and all the rest of the gang at Morning Glories in Round Rock wish you a very joyous Christmas and the hope of a happy and healthy New Year.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

World Of Treasures Party

Thank you Cielo for hosting this World Of Treasures Party, and allowing my to recollect all my treasures...going over them all one by I want to show this one or that one? I am so blessed that Hubby and I share a hobby of treasure hunting in antique stores for those unusual things that catch our eye. When we get away for some time alone together it is usually to check out an antique shop or more likely--a Junque Shop! But I have to say, this pretty kitty is one of my most treasured collections...

This Puss'n'Boots cookie jar, creamer, and salt and pepper from Shawnee are treasured by me. Not that they are that valuable, but they are treasures of my heart. My grandmother had a cookie jar like this when I was growing up. There were always cookies in her cookie jar when I stayed with her. She was a beacon in my life, and the better parts of what I am are because of her love and caring. When she passed away my cousin got the cookie jar. Now that she is gone too, I have no idea who might have it. When I found one like it in an antique store, I had to have it! We were so broke, I had to put in lay-away! Several years after I bought the cookie jar, I found the creamer and later the salt and pepper. These were the only pieces made--no sugar bowl. I have many collections--and certainly pieces that are more valuable or beautiful, but these pieces make my house feel comfortable and homey to me--a little piece of my grandmother that I can touch and see and remember.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Subtle Signs Of Autumn

We have cooler temperatures, and I am seeing the signs of Fall all around. The thing about Fall in Central Texas, the change of color is so slight, you may not notice. The change of seasons in the north fairly screams, "Look at me!" But here they whisper.

I disturbed this little guy hiding under one of the many limestone rocks in the backyard. After I finished weeding, I put the rock back for him even though I had planned to move it before I realized it was covering Mr Toad's home.

To many who don't look closely, everything turns brown in autumn. But if you really look you can see scarlet, burgundy, russet, and gold.

The Crab apple tree is truly amazing with it's color this year. All the Fall colors seems so much more vibrant this year than usual.

Sometimes I think if Fall came sooner to Round Rock, it would seem to last much longer. But I love the end of summer, when the temperature is soft and warm with endless blue skies. Either way, this is my favorite time of year when the unbearably hot weather is over, and I can truly enjoy being out in the garden. But, ack! Now I'm behind on my Christmas shopping!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Early Christmas in Round Rock

Christmas came early to Morning Glories in Round Rock. When I came home from work this afternoon, I stopped by the mailbox to pick up our daily allotment of catalogs and bills. Along with the aforementioned items was a key for the package locker. I opened it up, and there was the first Christmas package of the season! From Alamo North, with her permission to open it immediately! Look at all the packages!

Here is Charlotte doing her best Vanna White imitation (she asked who Vanna White was--LOL!) showcasing all the goodies that I tore into as soon as I got inside. I was so excited about winning (I NEVER win anything!) seeds that I totally spaced about all the other goodies Alamo North featured in the posts leading up to her 100th post.

Along with a sweet card, a yummy bluebonnet soy candle, Celestial Seasonings Chai Tea, cute Christmas socks, Lindt Chili Dark Chocolate (which we all know is for medicinal purposes only), cute little reading glasses (excuse me, what makes you think I need reading glasses???), flameless tealights, which I love, love, love. Patchouli scented Olive Oil soap, a journal that I thought would be great for garden notes and sketches. And then the seeds that I was so hyper-focused on: Gladiola bulbs, Four O'clocks, Moonflower Vine, Moonflower Plant, Hummingbird Vine, and Texas Mountain Laurel. Wow! I know what I am going to be doing tomorrow--planting bulbs.

Thank you Alamo North, and congratulations on your 100th post. Here's to the next 100!