Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall Color

The Mexican Marigold Mint is one of the stars of the garden right now.

The Marigolds are a big part of my Fall color, even though they have been blooming all summer.

Lots of little critters are busy collecting and harvesting, getting ready for winter.

This is the first year I have really had a lot of marigolds, and they have been worth it. I hope the seeds I have been saving are viable, because I love having them this time of year.

Aster with Purple Heart behind it.

Oh my! Looks like I need to do some dead-heading!

The Jacob's Coat is putting out more blooms now that we are enjoying cool weather and rain.

The birds have missed some berries on the Virginia Creeper.

I love the way it vines over the fence. I hope my neighbor feels the same way.

Our backyard backs up to 7 neighboring yards...One 'neighbor' in the corner has taken it upon herself to tear down anything that peeps over the fence! This is my last surviving Hummingbird Vine given to me by Nola at Alamo North.
I love the warm afternoons, with lengthening shadows, that turn into the cool nights of Fall. They seem to stretch endlessly between frequent showers now. I find I lose myself to them gardening. Planting for next Spring, mulching, reworking beds. The holidays always catch me by surprise and I find myself rushing to do all the inside cleaning, cooking, and shopping at the last minute because I can't tear myself away from the garden a second sooner than I have to.