Saturday, May 30, 2009

Finding Balance

What a crazy weekend here in Round Rock. Charley fell and hit her head at a friend's swimming pool. She had to be rushed to the hospital and required 4 stitches. She has a terrible headache, and seems pretty exhausted. The good thing that came out of it, Libby has been very solicitous of her sister, even carrying her to the bathroom, when Charley felt too weak to walk. I'm sure that lovin' feelin' won't last, but it's nice while it does! It seems it has been one thing after another lately, but I guess that is just life.It is getting too hot to be out in the heat of the day, but I have been stealing a few minutes in the morning and evening to sit in the garden and try to find my balance.

Another heirloom rose, Eutin.

The Hollyhocks are still so showy.

I probably have the only Hydrangea alive in Round Rock.

The birdbath dripped on the Caladiums, and looked beautiful, I thought.

The Gardenias are winding down, but will come back off and on throughout the summer, just not the profusion of flowers like the first bloom of Spring.

I thought the drop of nectar was beautiful on the Lilly.

School will be out for the summer this Friday. With it, I am hopeful we will all have a chance to relax and recover from the craziness of this Spring. Vacation Countdown: 33 days! WooHoo!


Roses and Lilacs said...

How frightening about Charley. I hope her headache goes away soon and she feels fine. When something like that happens it can really turn everything upside down.

Nola @ the Alamo said...

The hot color of the rose and the wandering Jew really stand out against your white limestone!
What is your secret to growing hollyhocks? I love them,and keep trying, but they never do well. I got a few measly blooms from the ones I planted last year, but the stalks and leaves look horrible; don't know if it's a disease, fungus, or water problem!

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

Thanks Marnie,

I stayed home from work today to be with her. Her mom is a teacher, and was trying to avoid having to get a sub this late in the year.

She is throwing up and dizzy, so we suspect a concussion, even though the ER doctor ruled it out...she will be going to her pediatrician this afternoon.

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

Thanks Nola! I wasn't real pleased with the Purple Heart (Wandering Jew)against the red of the roses. I am trying to transplant some of it to go with the Gold Lantana, but I think it will do better this Fall.

My Hollyhocks have that disease too. I planted them in the Fall last year, so I think they get established and have better blooms before the Rust gets them. I try to plant things in front (1) to help hold them up-right, and (2) to hide the unsightly leaves.

The disease is called Rust, or Hollyhock Rust. Here is some info from my old friend Doug Green (

Hollyhocks, or as the Latin purists will have us Alcea species, are wonderfully easy plants for the beginner gardener. But while they are indeed easy to grow, there is one decidedly potential problem with the plant. A disease called Hollyhock Rust, (the real name is Puccinia malvacearum – now you know why we simply call it “rust”) can disfigure the leaves under severe infestations.

Indeed, the thriving hobby of breeding new varieties was all but ended when this rust struck the horticultural world. Rust shows up as reddish pustules (raised bumps) on the leaves and if you grow hollyhocks, you’ll have rust. It is that widespread. It even overwinters in cold climates by infecting the plant crowns.

Some experienced gardeners remove the first two leaves from the plant in an effort to reduce the numbers of overwintered spores and claim this works well. Others continually spray with lime sulfur to reduce the spread. While there is no cure for this disease, it usually only kills and really bothers those plants that are under stress.

So, feed your plants with lots of compost and don’t allow them to dry out in the summer time to reduce the stress levels.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Oh dearie me . . . lots of prayers going up for your sweet Charley.

The weather remains cool and mild these days, but I know the hot mid-day season is coming. Siestas and late-nights in the gardens -- one of my favorite times of the year.

Wendy said...

Ah yes, finding your balance. That takes some practice. Nice to watch Libby helping out here sister. As you wisely said - it won't last forever But it's nice to watch. I do hope Charley's headache goes soon. Head injuries can be scary.

You must be really having hot days. It's still cold and rainy here. Not like June is supposed to be. So, I'll send you some cool temps and you can send us some warmth!

Love your flowers. It is so nice to peek into others' gardens. That drop of nectar does look luscious on your lily.
Sounds like you are looking forward to your vacation. Yippeee!

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...


Charley is already doing better, so all the prayers are working.

I envy your cool late Spring. We seem to be stuck in a typical summer weather pattern for Texas--HOT!

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

Dear Wendy,

You are so right--head injuries can be very scary! Charley had to go back to the ER this afternoon. She does have a concussion...and hasn't been able to keep anything down today. Now that she has some nausea meds, she is improving, although the horrible headache has not let up yet. The doctor is telling us she may have symptoms for up to a week.

I will gladly send you some of this heat. We always go North on vacation to see family, but we make it a fun trip of antiquing along the way. We come home when we can't stuff one more thing into the car! LOL! It's always nice to get out of the searing heat of Texas, but then it hurts worst when we come back in the thick of it.

Thanks for the compliments on what's flowering right now. You are right--it's always fun to see what is in other people's gardens. One of my favorite memories are of walking around other family member's gardens with them, showing what is going on at the moment. I always feel like that is what I am doing on the blog.

Gail said...

The rush to the ER must have been scary...I am so glad Charley is doing well. The love sisters feel for one another always shows up in a crisis;)

Summer temps and mosquitoes make those quiet moments in a garden even more nice to sit there and smell the gardenias scent wafting you enjoy your lovely garden.


Morning Glories in Round Rock said...


The sisterly love is over! But Charley is feeling so much better--no throwing up or dizziness today just a headache.

This is a wonderful time to spend a quite few minutes in the garden--I can't think of any other place I would rather be.

Brenda said...

Oh yes, I remember those days when school let out. And the girls were bored to tears with their freedom after about a week. Maybe you're more creative and you can stretch the fun longer! My hollyhock died before it ever bloomed. And come to think of it, so did my hydrangea!

beckie said...

So glad to hear Charley is now doing better. Accidents like that can be so scary. I love the heirloom rose-so delicate and to have gardenia blooming must be wonderful. I also love the caladium, I forgot to plant any early and now can't find bulbs.

Gardens are a wonderful place to collect thoughts and breathe deeply. Enjoy yours as much as you can.

lazyclick said...

Wish a speedy recovery for Charley. The snaps are beautiful

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

Your garden looks wonderful. I'm sorry to hear about Charley but glad her sister is stepping up. My niece and nephew were just like that at that age--your sibling can be your best friend and worst rival all in one! :)

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...


I don't know how creative we will be this year. Libby is 12, and getting harder to keep busy. She had to give up gymnastics because she was growing so fast she was injuring her back and joints, and it has left a void that we have struggled to fill. I hope we can find the right activities for her--she seems to be interested in babysitting, so will sign her up for classes.

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...


I do love heirloom roses...they are so much tougher than hybrids, and I love anything old that might have been in my grandmother or great grandmother's garden.

It has been so hot here this week it is getting harder to find a good time to be in the garden... early morning is best, but I found myself out last evening destroying a bag worm nest on one of my pecan trees...I was so hot I had sweat pouring down my face and into my eyes...the spray from the water hose was a welcome relief, and the granddaughters couldn't believe I got myself wet...Libby and I had a nice water fight, but Charley had to be content to watch and laugh from the sidelines.

Cindy, My Corner of Katy said...

I hope Charley is soon feeling as great as your garden looks! Poor baby, that had to be scary for everyone.

I was in Chicago for the Garden Bloggers' Spring Fling this past weekend ... the cooler weather was delightful but it made coming home to Houston heat & humidity a lot more difficult! Here's to both of us hanging in there!

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

Hi Lazyclick! Welcome, so glad you stopped by. Charley is doing much better!

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

Monica, thank you for you kind words for my garden. Sadly, Libby's compassion knows it's bounds--and it has reached it! That's a preteen for ya! LOL!

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

Cindy, Thank you so much for your sweet words for my garden and especially for Charley. She is still under the will be about 7 more days until she gets her staples out.

The Spring Fling sounded like so much fun. I know what you mean about the heat feeling worse when you come back to it. We go through that adjustment every year when we go on vacation up there. It seems like it turned summer overnight here.

ShySongbird said...

I'm so sorry to be late in commenting and so very sorry to hear about poor Charley, you do seem to be having a run of bad luck lately, perhaps that is it now and the only way is up!

I love all the photos but particularly the beautiful Hollyhock, just lovely. I would love to have Gardenias in my garden the scent must be wonderful.

Your schools break up much earlier than ours, it will be late July here and they return in early September.

All good wishes to Charley.

Rose said...

MG, I hope that Charley is doing better by now--head injuries can be so scary. Her mother is very lucky to have you there to help--I can relate to the not wanting to get a sub at the end of the year.
I hope things settle down once school is out and you get a chance to spend more time--in the cool of the day--out in your garden. Everything looks beautiful; now you're making me anxious to see my hollyhocks bloom!

Cheryl said...

Poor Charley....hope things have improved.....

The photographs are lovely....I especially like the lily....I am smitten with the blooms and I love white....

I hope that you find balance.....we all need it, to get through the day. I know you love your garden, this I am sure will help you.....

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

Dear Shy Songbird,

I think there is a season for everything--this seems to be a season for turbulence in our lives, unfortunately--but thankfully will pass--soon I hope!

The Hollyhocks are very dramatic. I think that is why I love them too.

Thanks for stopping by--I always love a visit from you!

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...


Charley is doing better. No more throwing up, just a headache and a nasty lump under the staples.

Do you have problems with Rust with your Hollyhocks? Is there anything you do to combat it?

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

Dear Cheryl,

I love white blossoms too. In the front of the house, I have all white blooms, and on the front porch this year, I have the planters filled with white and purple annuals.

Balance is one of those things that is hard to achieve sometimes for me. I think it is more of a give and take or an ebb and flow. It certainly seems to be elusive at times.

Sue said...

I didn't get this read before, as I was probably reading your last post from blotanical. I hope Charley is recovering well. It reminds me of the time my brother and I were fighting, and one of us slammed a bathroom door on our toddler sister's little finger. She lost part of her fingernail, and had it bandaged up a long time. I don't remember how long we were extra nice to her.

I only read a couple of the other comments. I find it hard to achieve balance, too. I just told my husband I really want to keep up with blogging this summer. I said I don't want to blog the summer away, but I want to keep up as much as I can.

I hope life is settling down a bit for your family.

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...


Charley is doing great. She got her staples out Friday, and is feeling much better.

I am having a very hard time trying to balance blogging with everything else. I never do get on Blotanical anymore, and find myself having more and more trouble reading all my favorite blogs. Sometimes I think I need to stop, but I do enjoy it so much.